Myths foil family planning adoption

April 1, 2014 • Family Planning, News

Myths foil family planning adoption


Violet Mboga of Gomani Village in Senior Chief Kapeni’s area in Blantyre knows well that one day, she could be in trouble.

For the period she has been married she has had to go behind her husband’s back to access family planning methods and after two deliveries, she still keeps the secret to her heart.

She even said she would still keep her husband in the dark on her secret although she is afraid that once he discovers, there will be trouble.

The 34-year old said it is not her intention to keep her husband away from the matter; it is because he has never accepted to let her access family planning methods ever since they got married.

“He hardly accepts to use family planning methods because he and other men from our village believe that once a woman starts using the methods, they become prostitutes leading to end of marriages,” she said, adding that as a woman, she did not feel safe without family planning methods due to her family’s financial standing.

The husband’s belief in myths around family planning is a common in most parts in the area.



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