Population Media Center Request for Proposals for Website Revamp

April 2, 2014 • News

SHELBURNE, VT –Population Media Center (PMC) knows that strategic and audience-specific communications have tremendous impact. This year, PMC has two exciting opportunities. First, PMC will be partnering to produce a worldwide campaign titled Global Population Speak Out in 2015. Second, PMC is poised to tell the story of our work and its impact. With these two goals in mind, PMC is looking to hire a website development vendor.

View Population Media Center & Global Population Speak Out Website RFP.

When selecting a vendor for this project, we will be evaluating candidates on the following criteria:

  • Experience building responsive websites
  • Experience building CMS interfaces that allow for use by non-technical staff
  • Experience building strong online brand experiences
  • Experience creating sites that have strong user interfaces
  • Experience creating sites with varied presentation of content (text, visuals, audio, etc.)
  • Experience organizing content in ways that are intuitive to the site visitor
  • Experience with user testing and testing cross-browser, cross-platform
  • Holistic approach to an organization’s web presence (e.g. insight into integrating social media platforms, campaign tracking mechanisms, web analytics insights, CRM, eCommunications integration, etc.)
  • Ability to convey information and provide cross-training to PMC staff throughout the project and during an official training period


Our other considerations will be how well vendors explain their process, approach, and plan. Timeline and cost will also be important considerations.

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