What does the IPCC report say about population dynamics and climate change?

April 21, 2014 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

The latest IPCC report identifies changes in population as factors that exacerbate climate change vulnerability. Here we present the report’s key messages about different population dynamics and access to reproductive health etc.
These are the report’s key references to population, with direct quotes from the report:
Freshwater resources
  • Non-climatic drivers such as population increase, economic development, urbanisation, and land-use or natural geomorphic changes also challenge the sustainability of resources by decreasing water supply or increasing demand.
  • Over the next few decades and for increases in global mean temperature of less than around 2oC above pre-industrial, changes in population will generally have a greater effect on changes in resource availability than will climate change. Climate change would, however, regionally exacerbate or offset the effects of population pressures.
Coastal systems and low-lying areas
  • The population and assets projected to be exposed to coastal risks as well as human pressures on coastal ecosystems will increase significantly in the coming decades due to population growth, economic development, and urbanisation.

See: http://www.populationandsustainability.org/2853/news/what-does-the-ipcc-report-say-about-population-dynamics-and-climate-change.html

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