Philippine Sex Ed Comes Via Video and Text Message

April 30, 2014 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Serial Dramas, Asia/Pacific, News

Philippine Sex Ed Comes Via Video and Text Message
With quicker feedback on how fast and widely online messages are shared and which videos are popular, reproductive health advocates in projects in India and the Philippines see social media powering a spread of information, changing attitudes and behavior.
MANILA, Philippines (WOMENSENEWS)–Fifteen-year-old Rita Carlos believed jumping three times after sex would prevent pregnancy because her partner had told her so. But even after jumping an extra two times just to be on the safe side, the young resident of Manila found herself pregnant.

At 53 births per 1,000 women aged between 15 and 19, the teenage pregnancy rate in the Philippines is the highest among the six major economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, surging by 70 percent over one decade, according to United Nations Population Fund.

A 2014 report also found the numbers of young people engaging in premarital sex went up to 32 percent in 2013 from 23 percent in 2002. Most first sexual encounters were unprotected from the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Health activists say that lack of access to services and accurate information on reproductive and sexual health is one of the leading causes of the high teen pregnancies in the Philippines.

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