Stop Planetary Destruction and Human Demise

May 5, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Population Media Center has proposed two panel concepts which we would like to present at the South by Southwest ECO exposition in Austin, Texas this coming October 6th through the 8th. Today, I would like to ask for your “thumbs up” in support of our bids — it is a competitive process, and we would greatly benefit from your electronic vote. Known as SXSW Eco, this conference takes place in the most progressive city in Texas and would be a great place to showcase PMC’s work and educate attendees about the population, health and environment nexus.

Below, I have pasted both proposals and links to each on the SXSW “Panel Picker” website. Thanks in advance for your support.

Yes — it’s true. You do have to create an account to vote. All they are looking for is your email and a password; they send you a confirmation email, you click, and boom — you can then help support PMC with your vote. Please take a moment to review our ideas below. If you can spare 3 minutes to register, and are willing to do so, just click through the following registration link and then navigate to the links embedded below to vote.


Women First: Improve Society & Protect Environment


An expert discussion on innovative approaches to empowering women around the world and how this benefits individuals, societies, and the environment. Women’s rights resulting in individual economic and social empowerment is well-documented. This panel discussion will not only solidify that connection, but will also examine the links between strong sexual and reproductive health and rights and sustainable and healthy societies. Attendees will also learn about diverse barriers faced by women both domestically and internationally; the wide-ranging social, economic and environmental benefits of women having the freedom to access reproductive health care and plan their own families; and, finally, will learn about cutting-edge and avant-garde approaches incorporating technology, entertainment-education and on-the-ground advocacy to empower women and address other global health challenges.

Entertain the World to Create Change


This program is highly interactive and will consist of two workshops and a final presentation. Workshop participants will learn about (and actively participate in) the process of developing an entertainment-education soap opera (for TV or radio) to effect social change. They will help create the tools used in development, such as building a values grid, which is one of the earliest and most important tools developed to support the program creation. Following the creation of the grid a brief skit based upon the work completed by the groups will be created. The skit will be acted out on the final day of SXSW Eco fest. The skit will be proceeded by an introduction and explanation of the process and followed by a Q & A session.

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