Engaging Malawi Youth to “Fight Overpopulation”

May 7, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

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Kasungu – Youths in Kasungu have been urged to take an active role in a quest to mitigate the effects of rapid population growth in the country by fully participating in family planning services.

Speaking at Santhe Community Hall in Kasungu during its meeting with the young people drawn from different youth groups in Traditional Authority (T/A) Santhe, Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) Programs Manager Ndidza Chisanu said there is a great need for the young population of the country to get to know their sexual reproductive rights which will assist them to the claim family planning methods.

“This is the age group that is so productive to our country and if we lose out on this target group, then we are losing out on the development of Malawi. Henceforth the need for them to be equipped with the right information in such issues of reproductive health,” said Chisanu.

She however bemoaned cultural attitudes towards sexual reproductive issues as one of the hardships fuelling over population as most parents do not want to talk about such issues to their children as they feel it is not normal to do so.

“If we are not providing the right information to the young people, we will still find them sleeping around and getting unplanned pregnancies; as a result they are giving birth at a tender age.

“This is bringing in a lot of problems to the young people as well as contributing to the rapid population growth in the country,” Chisanu explained

“We therefore want, through these meetings to see a generation that has the right information about population, family planning, and sexual reproductive health. Therefore, the youth would take actions which would be so beneficial to the nation,” she said.

The youth friendly centered organization therefore urged the youth to continue taking contraceptive methods such as pills, condoms and others which have been proven to be helping in reducing rapid population growth in the country.

FPAM is working in four T/A’s in Kasungu namely: Mwase, Kaomba, Lukwa and Santhe where with funding from the University of North Carolina (UNC) the young generation is being drilled in issues concerning their sexual reproductive health rights so that they make right decisions.

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