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We must balance our population growth and resources

May 22, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

We must balance our population growth and resources


At a recent GCC municipal conference, policy makers voiced their concern about the rapid population growth in their respective countries and called for cooperation to improve the lives of their citizens.

While the population of countries is considered one of the elements of national power, the population boom in Gulf countries in recent years is alarming. A paradigm shift in thinking has occurred as it has become clear that the rapid growth of cities and the increase in their population along with the failure to provide adequate sewage services, water and electricity are bound to cause environmental problems.

This further taxes already pressured services. The population of GCC countries has almost tripled and this unplanned surge will have a negative effect on balanced and sustainable development.

It will also choke the economy and prevent long-term prosperity. The more the population increases the greater the need for better infrastructure, public transport and other facilities.


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