Tall City’s Altered Population Sign Catches Midlanders’ Eyes

June 9, 2014 • United States, Daily Email Recap

Tall City’s Altered Population Sign Catches Midlanders’ Eyes

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MIDLAND – It’s only three words, but those three words spoke volumes about the current attitude in Midland regarding the growing population.

The Midland City Limit population sign on Cottonflat Rd., was altered to give a different message. It now reads, “Population: Too Damn Many.”

“I’m from Dallas and I think it’s ridiculous,” Robert Steep told NewsWest 9.

We asked other people who live in Midland, how they felt.

“There’s quite a few people here in Midland, now,” One man, who’s been here since 1981, said.

The city said everyone’s aware of the incredible growth.

“It’s no secret that we’re growing and we’re growing at high rates. People who have been here, for 5, 10 years or even longer can see a real change,” Sara Higgins, Public Information Officer with the City of Midland, said.

That change Higgins spoke of, is what’s frustrated some who live here.

“It really makes it hard to drive around town,” One resident said.

The estimated population for the City of Midland is somewhere in the area of 120,000 people. While some may think that’s too many, the city said they’re prepared for even more.

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