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Where Does Reproductive Health Stand in the Sustainable Development Goals?

June 9, 2014 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Where Does Reproductive Health Stand in the Sustainable Development Goals? 


Defining the world’s next development agenda is a huge job, and so it’s not surprise that the process has been going on for more than 18 months. But as we edge ever-closer to the 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goals-and the U.N. General Assembly in September where official negotiations will begin-things are starting to come into focus.

This week, the Co-chairs of the Open Working Group (OWG) shared the zero draft for the 12th session which will take place June 16-20. With only 10 days of formal negotiations remaining, these last two sessions are crucial to defining proposed goals and targets for the Sustainable Development Goals.

So, what’s new in the latest draft of the Sustainable Development Goals?  Well, for starters, we’re actually talking about goals now, having made the important shift from focus areas.

A “leave no one behind” spirit clearly prevails throughout the first round of 17 goals-from “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” to “Attain healthy life for all at all ages.” While not necessarily catchy, these statements are hard to oppose.


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