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House GOP Sounds Off With Still More Disagreeable Dissonance

June 23, 2014 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, United States, Daily Email Recap

House GOP Sounds Off With Still More Disagreeable Dissonance 


Why do Republicans in the House play the same old song every year when sitting down to decide the fate of millions of women worldwide?

Every year they trot out their mean-spirited, anti-woman agenda aimed at cutting funds for reproductive health. They take steps to ensure that women whose lives are at risk from a dangerous pregnancy can’t get the help they need. They prevent aid recipients from making decisions that are in their own citizens’ and patients’ best interests. They insist that Peace Corps volunteers raped during their service to this country must carry to term their unwanted pregnancies.

The House Republicans keep putting this foreign aid broken record of paternalism and misogyny on the turntable and hope America will dance to it.


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