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Just the Numbers: The Impact of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance

June 23, 2014 • Family Planning, United States, Daily Email Recap

Just the Numbers: 

The Impact of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance


For more than 45 years, the United States-through its Agency for International Development (USAID)-has been a global leader in enhancing women’s access to contraceptive services in the world’s poorest countries. Empowering women with control over their own fertility yields benefits for them, their children and their families. It means fewer unintended-and often high-risk-pregnancies and fewer abortions, most of which in the developing world are performed under unsafe conditions. Better birth spacing also makes for healthier mothers, babies and families, and pays far-reaching dividends at the family, society and country levels.

The Benefits of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance

A total of $610 million (of which $35 million is designated for the United Nations Population Fund) is appropriated for U.S. assistance for family planning and reproductive health programs for FY 2014.


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