Studies in Family Planning Publishes Special Issue on Unmet Need

June 23, 2014 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Studies in Family Planning Publishes Special Issue on Unmet Need 


June Issue Explores Challenges in Addressing Unmet Need for Contraception, Featuring Research and Case Studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America

NEW YORK, NY (16 June 2014) – Studies in Family Planning, a leading journal published by the Population Council, released “Unmet Need for Family Planning”-a special issue featuring ten articles, including a comprehensive introduction to the topic of unmet need. Distinguished researchers explore trends related to unmet need for contraception, and many articles point to practical strategies for increasing contraceptive knowledge and uptake, and for overcoming barriers that prevent women from practicing contraception.

“Unmet need has been an important indicator for measuring the progress of family planning programs for more than 25 years,” said John Bongaarts, vice president and Distinguished Scholar at the Population Council. “This issue features work from some of the leading minds in family planning. It explores trends, identifies issues, and proposes solutions to ensure that sexual and reproductive health programs and policies are structured to meet the changing needs of women and men over the course of their reproductive lives.”

The FP2020 goal of expanding family planning services to an additional 120 million women invites interest in exploring the reasons for nonuse of contraceptives among women with a desire to postpone or end childbearing (unmet need).


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