Chepangs still wary of family planning

July 22, 2014 • Family Planning, Asia/Pacific, Daily Email Recap


GORKHA, July 20: Bir Bahadur Chepang of Makaising village has four daughters and five sons. His eldest son is 24 years old. Forty-eight-year old Bir Bahadur´s youngest child is a toddler. His wife is going to deliver another soon.

“Yes, I have too many kids, but what to do, it is very natural,” says Bir Bahadur.

Whatever the Chepang family grows in the field throughout the year is not enough even for four months. Although the growing size of the family is already taking its toll on the Chepangs´ well-being, Bir Bahadur simply has no idea that he could stop adding more members to the family by opting for family planning options.

Years of government campaign aimed at raising awareness about family planning has failed to impress Bir Bahadur.

“I have not heard much about ways not to have babies,” said Bir Bahadur. He has never heard about condom. Moreover, he is still guided by the belief among the older generation of Chepangs that they need to produce more babies in view of their declining population.


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