Announcing World Vasectomy Day, 2014

August 10, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Announcing World Vasectomy Day, 2014 


Written by Jonathan Stack, Founder of World Vasectomy Day

On October 18th, 2013 we launched World Vasectomy Day. Our purpose was to bring attention to the issue of population on the planet and work together across borders to make a real impact.  In fact, we surpassed our goal; 100 doctors in 25 countries doing 1000 vasectomies while bringing global attention to the issue.

To reach the widest possible audience our focus and full attention is on getting men to shoulder more responsibility for family planning. It’s the right thing to do for ourselves, our partners, our families and our future.

So, on November 7th, 2014, we’re committed to inspiring 250 doctors in 30 countries to do 1500 vasectomies in 24 hours!  We’ve already hit 26 countries and have signed up close to 150 vasectomists, so we’re well on our way.  That said, WVD is not only about numbers of vasectomies, but the quality of conversations we help inspire.

Headquarters will be in Florida at a spanking new Planned Parenthood facility.  We’ll be live streaming again, sharing stories from male patients and their partners from throughout the world, live vasectomies, conversations about the most salient issues and words of wisdom from leaders in family planning. Already, the American Urological Association has sent out notices, events are popping up across the US, in Cuba and Colombia and alliances with other family planning organizations are being explored. For our part, we’re working with the participating vasectomists worldwide to help each and everyone have a successful WVD.

Please join our cause. If you’re a vasectomist, sign up and be counted. If you know someone who might be ready for the snip, let him now about WVD2014.  If you can support us at all, reach out; we’d love new ideas for how to reach a wider audience, help in getting vasectomists to sign up, bloggers who care about the issue of family planning, and any resources you can spare. Together we will make WVD 2014 a success!

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