Okotoks gets ready for the big boom with 60-year-plan

September 10, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Okotoks gets ready for the big boom with 60-year-plan

City with small-town soul plans for impressive growth


No longer a sleepy bedroom community for Calgary, Okotoks has a 60-year growth plan that could see the population triple, says a town official.

One key element in bringing the impressive plan to reality is a “safe and secure source of water,” says municipal manager Rick Quail.

“Discussions and negotiations with the City of Calgary are ongoing and we hope to secure an agreement this year,” Quail says.

In addition, the town is talking with the provincial government for funding support to have a water pipeline up and operating in five years, he says.

The town hopes to complete the annexation of 2,300 hectares of land from the MD of Foothills in a couple of years – land that will eventually push the town’s population to an estimated 82,000 from the current total of just over 27,000.


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