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Outrageous: In Small Town Kansas, 3 Old Men Control Reproductive Health

October 9, 2014 • Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Saline Co. leaders weighing approved birth control pills 

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County leaders will now control which birth control pills women have access to in Saline County after the health director resigned.

It’s the latest in a series of controversial comments and decisions by the Saline County Commission.

Saline county commissioners approved a $1,000 grant, but it can only be used to buy birth control pills the county approves. It can also be used to buy other things like supplies.

Some commissioners were concerned after learning the health department wanted to buy a birth control pill called Portia with grant money.  Commissioner John Price said if the pill is misused, it’s abortion.

Since the commissioners are now the head of the health department, they get to decide.

“We can approve, the commission, whether we will approve that pill or not,” Price said.

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