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Politicians, Teens and Birth Control

November 15, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Politicians, Teens and Birth Control

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Here’s a story of utter irresponsibility: About one-third of American girls become pregnant as teenagers.


But it’s not just a story of heedless girls and boys who don’t take precautions. This is also a tale of national irresponsibility and political irresponsibility – of us as a country failing our kids by refusing to invest in comprehensive sex education and birth control because we, too, don’t plan ahead.


I kind of understand how a teenage couple stuffed with hormones and enveloped in each other’s arms could get carried away. But I’m just bewildered that American politicians, stuffed with sanctimony and enveloped in self-righteousness, don’t adequately invest at home or abroad in birth-control programs that would save the government money, chip away at poverty, reduce abortions and empower young people.

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