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Educating through Entertaining: Confronting Taboos and Understanding Fertility

November 16, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Educating through Entertaining: Confronting Taboos and Understanding Fertility

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This month a new serial radio drama, IMPANO N’IMPAMBA (“A Gift for Today That Will Last for a Long Time”), is being broadcast across Rwanda. Through the tangled love lives of its characters, IMPANO N’IMPAMBA will address complex issues like sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, and maternal and child health. The radio program is created by the Population Media Center (PMC), a nonprofit media expert with over a decade of experience working to improve people’s health and well-being through role modeling in entertainment-education programming.

Entertainment comes first.

PMC’s approach to creating serial dramas emphasizes entertainment first. The program must resonate with the audience and engage them emotionally. The resulting behavior change from the program relies on the audience building a strong connection with the characters. So, IMPANO N’IMPAMBA takes on racy and controversial issues and confronts taboos like sex among unmarried youth, domestic violence, unfaithfulness within marriage, and the struggle to understand true pregnancy risk and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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