Despite Agreement on Birth Control Access, Eco-socialists Still Dislike Population Activism

November 30, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Too Many of Whom? Population and Climate Change

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…The Wilson Center, an influential think-tank based in D.C., is attempting to take a nuanced approach to exploring population growth. A report from the institute, set to be released by the end of this year, calls for increased funding for voluntary family planning programs, as a mechanism for both cutting carbon emissions and adapting to global warming.

previous report, written for the think-tank by gender policy specialist Suzanne Petroni, that explores the ethics of population control counted an expanding global citizenry among three key factors driving up temperatures. Together with emissions of greenhouse-gases and “economic growth that fuels energy consumption,” rising populations contribute to climate change by fostering “increased greenhouse gas-emitting activities,” she wrote.

However, not everybody consumes energy equally around the world. Countries with the lowest birthrates are also the planet’s highest current and historical emitters. “In 2005, the average U.S. citizen was responsible for an estimated 20 metric tons of CO2,” Petroni noted, “some 20-30 times the emissions of the average Indian, Nigerian, or Guatemalan, and 73 times that of the average Bangladeshi.”

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