Population Dynamics and Climate Compatible Development

December 21, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Making the Connection: Population Dynamics and Climate Compatible Development

See original/source content: http://www.worldwatch.org/making-connection-population-dynamics-and-climate-compatible-development-0


Washington, D.C.-Policymakers and others working to slow human-caused climate change and make societies more resilient to its impacts should consider potential contributions to that effort from expanded access to family planning, a group of experts recommends.


The first step is simply to open dialogues on possible connections between climate change and family planning, and the right of individuals and the services they need to decide for themselves the timing and frequency of childbearing, said the experts. The group, which explored the linkage of population dynamics and family planning to climate compatible development, was convened by Population Reference Bureau (www.prb.org) and the Worldwatch Institute (www.worldwatch.org). Members came from fields related both to climate change and reproductive health.


“This is a clear statement from a diverse group of climate and reproductive health experts, women and men from developing as well as developed countries,” said Robert Engelman, Senior Fellow and former President of the Worldwatch Institute. “The group strongly recommends expanding access to family planning, with one of its many benefits being that it helps support development that is compatible with a sustainable climate.”

See original/source content: http://www.worldwatch.org/making-connection-population-dynamics-and-climate-compatible-development-0

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