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Studies indicate a bleak future for wildlife

December 29, 2014 • Daily Email Recap

Studies indicate a bleak future for wildlife

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Earth’s environment undoubtedly has endured worse years than the one about to pass, suggesting that catastrophes visit naturally without human influence. Think of the asteroid some 65 million years ago that purportedly wiped out the dinosaurs, or at least pushed them toward oblivion.


But human influence has grown powerful. An asteroid might have triggered that last great extinction, Earth’s fifth. Humans, though, increasingly are being fingered for triggering a sixth.


A few months ago, Stanford biology professor Rodolfo Dirzo, bowing to the evidence he and a team of scientists examined and published in a review of current scientific literature, dubbed this the era of Anthropocene defaunation. The rough translation is “humans are extinguishing other life forms.”

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