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In Kenya, Family Planning is an Economic Safeguard

January 5, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

In Kenya, Family Planning is an Economic Safeguard

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With Kenya’s population expected to double by the year 2050, the government and non-governmental organizations are investing heavily in family planning. Providing contraception and education to women is not just about population control, it’s also about protecting the country’s economic interests.

There are more than 40 million people in Kenya, and the population keeps rising.

The average family has five children. While that number is down from two decades ago, the exploding population is outpacing the provision of resources and services, which are already stretched thin. Anne Okwisa is a mother of four living in Nairobi’s Kibera settlement, one of the poorest areas of the country. She is discussing her birth-control options with a clinician, because she does not think she can afford to have any more.

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