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Population Matters (UK), Responds to Criticisms in “Ecologist”

January 8, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Action, not excuses, needed on population and migration

See original/source content: The Ecologist

There are no good reasons for not acting on population and migration, writes Simon Ross. It’s time to tackle the issues head on and openly to challenge the excuses for doing nothing – or for acting only indirectly to reduce population growth, by raising the status of women in high fertility countries.

Biff Vernon (‘Population Matters. Women matter more’acknowledges the good work that Population Matters does in raising the issue of the impact of population growth on environmental sustainability but ultimately concludes that one should not address it directly.

This seems strange for a “lifelong environmental campaigner”. You don’t hear campaigners on poverty or disease saying ‘let’s not address the issue directly’ or campaigners on climate change suggesting that we shouldn’t talk about fossil fuels.

See original/source content: The Ecologist

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