Sunderbans, Ecological Jewel, Threatened by Population Size & Growth

February 5, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

‘Growing Population Threatening Sunderbans’

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Kolkata: The growing population of the Sunderbans – the world’s largest mangrove forests – is exerting extraordinary pressure on its fragile ecosystem, a World Bank report has said.

The report, “Building Resilience For Sustainable Development of the Sunderbans,” was presented at the conclusion of a three-day international workshop in West Bengal last weekend. The findings of the study were made available to the press Monday.

The workshop was organized by the West Bengal Disaster Management department in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund-India and Environment Governed Integrated Organization, or EnGIO.

The study highlighted the prevalence of poor environmental conditions, deterioration of the region’s natural resource base and adverse impact of climate change.

“Despite these dismal conditions and endemic poverty, the population is growing and exerting even greater pressure on fragile and recovering natural systems,” the report pointed out.

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