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Heartfile population growth documentary inspires action

February 19, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

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The Ministry of National Health Services Tuesday announced its intention to set up an institutional arrangement for the implementation of recommendations contained in ‘The Population Emergency,’ a documentary which features Pakistan’s five decade-long commitment to Universal Health Coverage for Family Planning and prospects for change after the 18th Constitutional Amendment.
Speaking at the pre-launch screening of the documentary, which has been made by the NGO think tank Heartfile, state minister of health Saira Afzal welcomed the initiative. “We have been looking forward to its release, and will formulate a three-member committee to take its recommendations forward,” she stated, while reiterating how major an issue population growth is for Pakistan.
The soft screening of the documentary was attended by expert demographers, public health specialists, donors and government officials including secretary and director general of health, Sheikh Aftab Ahmad and Dr. Assad Hafeez, respectively.

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