Population Action International is Gone, Long Live “PAI”

March 2, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

See: http://pai.org/

PAI is going through some exciting changes. “We’re turning 50 this year, and we’re marking the occasion with a new name, new colors, and a renewed commitment to our mission to meet the contraceptive needs of women around the world. Our new brand reflects our pride in our legacy and our vision of the future as champions of global reproductive rights.

For 50 years, PAI has been a champion for women and girls. We have fought to remove the barriers that stand in the way of a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health.

What has changed in 50 years? Our world is bigger, more connected and more complex. Yet, we are in the midst of an incredible moment. From global partnerships to local governments, the world is sitting up and paying attention to reproductive health in a way we haven’t seen in years. It is up to us to seize that opportunity.

The world is changing, but so are we. We’ve gotten stronger and smarter. We have a solid base of support built over five decades and a proven network of partners who are standing with us to advance women’s reproductive rights.

But we need more: more partners in this critical work. More support for bucking the trend and going where we know the need is greatest. More energy for the inevitably tough battles ahead.

In this sense, 2015 isn’t an anniversary. It’s a tipping point.
Our reinvention is driven by our determination to pave the way for every woman to claim her reproductive rights. This year marks the beginning, and I am excited to help lead this organization at this moment in its trajectory. Will you join us?”

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