Controversial Opinion: Nature Is Losing The Battle Against Humans

March 11, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Nature Is Losing The Battle Against Humans

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Let’s face it. Nature is losing. The wild places of the world are disappearing, and will continue to disappear, until they are no more. I’m glad I’ll be dead before it’s all gone.


We were looking at some Audubon data this weekend, and realized that every bird population we care about is in dramatic decline.

While we have brought a few species back from the brink of extinction – and onto the slightly more stable plateau of extinction – most of the species on the endangered list will disappear forever. Along with many of the species not even on the list. In a relatively short time.


The trees and plants will be just those we like, or can’t get rid of. Some of the animals will be the ones we’ve spent billions to keep, but most will be our food and friends, and those that can survive being around us, like cockroaches and rats.

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