In Support of Healthy Timing and Spacing of Births

March 24, 2015 • News

Meena’s Story: Triumph to Tragedy and the Call to Action for You and Me in Support of Healthy Timing and Spacing of Births

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In celebration of the launch of HarperCollins and Zondervan’s new book — The Mother and Child Project: Raising Our Voices for Health — created in partnership with Hope Through Healing Hands, I wanted to share a personal story of why I am so passionately behind this book.

When public health touches the head and the heart, change happens! We are all stirred to greater action when we understand the data behind a particular condition, but the data becomes most compelling when connected to real-life people and situations behind the numbers.

In my years of public health work, I have never experienced this quite so powerfully as I did on a recent visit to a maternal and newborn health program that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded in Uttar Pradesh, India. I learned several sobering lessons that day.

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