Remembering Our Friend, Searle Whitney

April 3, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Population Media Center would like to take a moment to honor a good friend and determined population activist who passed away last Friday, March 27th. We first met Searle Whitney at a Population Strategy Meeting in Washington DC, and was fortunate enough to get to know him and his organization — — well over the years. Searle was a kind, thoughtful and generous man who will be missed by many.

Of course, Searle was very concerned that the population issue wasn’t being addressed and talked about: especially among environmentalists and the media.  That concern was one of his motivations for starting Searle liked to say that we can’t change what we don’t talk about.

Searle Whitney graduated cum laude from Yale University and held a Ph.D. from Harvard University in psychology / linguistics. He had a lifelong interest in the environment and social justice. His projects were motivated by the realization that unless we take charge of our population size, all the gains we make in environmental and social issues will be overwhelmed by our growing numbers. Bigger is not better. His other passions included old-time music and gardens. Rest in peace, Searle.


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