The new class of Endangered Species Condoms.

April 21, 2015 • Daily Email Recap


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In March we gave you a preview of the new class of Endangered Species Condoms. Now that Earth Day is here, 50,000 of the freshly redesigned condom packages — introducing more species threatened by the pressure of human population growth — have been sent to 500+ volunteers to be given away for free at Earth Day events, on campuses and in venues from tea shops to tattoo parlors.

But wait — there’s more. We just launched a newly redesigned website for the Endangered Species Condoms  project. This mobile-friendly site not only shows off our condom artwork and explains why the project matters, but also has resources for condom distributors and others who want to help spread the word about the link between population growth and the wildlife extinction crisis. Check out the website, and be the first to share our animated video about an unexpected guest in the bedroom.

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