High Desired Family Size: Driving West & Central Africa’s Population Growth

May 12, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

What’s Behind West and Central Africa’s Youthful Demographics? High Desired Family Size

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Sub-Saharan Africa is often characterized as an outlier in terms of population dynamics and reproductive health. While women are having fewer children around the world, even prompting some places to begin worrying about aging populations, the demographic transition is proceeding more slowly in Africa. Fertility rates in North and Southern Africa have declined to around three children per woman, but the three other sub-regions of the continent – East, Central, and West Africa – retain much higher fertility, betweenfive and six children per woman. Whether, and how quickly, fertility rates decline in these regions over the next few decades will in large part determine the peak of world population. These regions’ demographic trajectories also have important implications for healthgovernancefood securityeconomic developmentland useclimate vulnerability, and even security.

See original/source content: New Security Beat

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