Family Planning & Religion: How Clerics See It In Nigeria

May 21, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Family Planning And Religion: How Clerics See It

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In Genesis 1:28, there is an injunction of God that says: “Go and multiply and have many children…,” which in essence connotes that married couples should have as many children as they possibly can. However, it is agreed by many that the present global and social situation dictates that couples have fewer children so that together with their children, they can enjoy high quality living. The recognised and effective means of achieving this, however, is family planning, which to all intent and purpose runs contrary to the Lord’s command.

So, what do clerics, especially those men and women of God that wouldn’t subscribe to anything that isn’t Bible-based, have to say about this? Do they endorse the idea of Christian couples embracing family planning? How does the Muslim community view this? Is abortion part of family planning? Clerics that spoke to CHRIS IREKAMBA and KENECHUKWU EZEONYEJIAKU on the issue said since not everything is dealt with in the scriptures, wisdom is the word.

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