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June 11, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Review: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

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The first modern efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of unchecked human population growth were arguably disastrous. Paul and Anne Ehrlich’s 1967 book, The Population Bomb, included projections that proved wildly inaccurate. Though these were modestly presented, with clear disclaimers, advocates of business-as-usual consumption have continually exploited them to characterize those concerned about precipitous declines in biodiversity as wild-eyed doomsayers.

In ensuing decades, environmentalists have learned many equally hard lessons. Global issues are so enormous and complex that early theories and projections are inevitably inaccurate. Seldom do these errors disprove the essential point – that overpopulation and climate change will impact life on Earth in profound ways. But the average citizen – an essential participant in any meaningful improvement – is relatively untutored in global complexities and therefore easily convinced that it’s all a lot of hokum. And legions of well-paid persuaders stand ready to dismiss and disdain. Humans are never so ingenious as when concocting excuses for depleting natural resources.

See original/source content: http://voicesforbiodiversity.org/articles/overdevelopment,-overpopulation,-overshoot

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