With Population Expanding Rapidly, Men in Uganda Resist Family Planning

July 9, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Rural men resist family planning

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Most men in rural areas still refuse their wives to use family planning methods claiming that they may make them too fat or thin and also make them bleed for longer days during their menstrual periods.

The men also believe that a woman is supposed to produce as many children as she can and it is only God that should stop her from producing.

This was revealed by radio producers from six partner radio stations during the mentorship workshop on the healthy choices radio program.

The healthy choices project focuses on family planning, pregnancy and maternity care, Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and management, teenage pregnancy prevention and HIV/AIDS.

Angella Godfrey, a radio producer in Moroto district said that in Karamoja region, many of the men still oppose use of family planning.

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