Land Degradation, Measured in Money, Costs $6 to $10 Trillion Annually

September 23, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

World loses trillions of dollars worth of nature’s benefits each year due to land degradation
50 million migrants may be created in a decade
To better inform the tradeoffs involved in land use choices around the world, experts have assessed the value of ecosystem services provided by land resources such as food, poverty reduction, clean water, climate and disease regulation and nutrients cycling.
Their report estimates the value of ecosystem services worldwide forfeited due to land degradation at a staggering US $6.3 trillion to $10.6 trillion annually, or the equivalent of 10-17% of global GDP.
Furthermore, the problem threatens to force the migration of millions of people from affected areas. An estimated 50 million people may be forced to seek new homes and livelihoods within 10 years. That many migrants assembled would constitute the world’s 28th largest country by population.
Effectively addressing land degradation could help avert that humanitarian crisis and add US $75.6 trillion to annual world income, according to the report, “The Value of Land,” produced by The Economics of Land Degradation Initiative.

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