Family Planning & Climate Change: Connecting the Two on MSNBC

October 2, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Family Planning Rights and Climate Change: Connecting the Two Is the Right Thing to Do
(October 2015) Jason Bremner, associate vice president of International Programs, and program director, Population, Health, and Environment at the Population Reference Bureau, was interviewed on MSNBC’s Greenhouse. Bremner discussed PRB and the Worldwatch Institute’s recent report, in which an expert working group identified action opportunities to advance the goal of achieving universal access to family planning as part of climate compatible development.
“There is an opportunity with the right framing of these issues, to connect family planning, population, and climate change issues, and to advance to a world in which  we are giving women the universal access, or universal right to determine the number and spacing of children…It’s critical that we address these issues,” Bremner said.

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