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October 8, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Job: PMC Executive Vice President. Nominate or Apply.
Population Media Center (PMC) is seeking nominations and applications for the newly created role of Executive Vice President (EVP).  PMC is an international nongovernmental organization that strives to improve the health and well-being of people and the planet through the use of entertainment-education strategies to promote positive behavior change resulting in healthy populations. Building on a history of innovative and successful programs and poised to increase its scale and impact globally, the EVP will facilitate the development of the platform for that expansion and lead its implementation in partnership with the President, Board, and senior leadership.
PMC’s innovative behavior-change communications work is guided by the mission to improve the quality of life in developing countries and attain global sustainability. PMC’s programs tackle diverse human-health, human-rights, economic equality, and environmental conservation issues. In this regard, PMC helps to empower and improve individual lives with programs that advance the status of women, promote gender equity, educate people about the benefits of small families, encourage the use of effective family planning methods, and help people and communities to live in harmony with their environment. In turn, the outcomes of these and similar human-rights enhancing interventions also serve a strategic purpose: positively altering local, national, and global demographic trajectories by slowing down population growth and fostering a sustainable environment. PMC educates individuals, families, and communities about their options with creative media programs while also working towards the ecological imperative of human population stabilization.
To achieve global sustainability – especially in the face of challenges such as climate change, food shortages, and pollution – what needs to be done is conceptually simple, but logistically complex: help people make informed decisions about their families and empower women to have equal rights in those decisions. With accurate information and individual empowerment, women, men, and youth are able to make healthy decisions about lifestyle, family planning, and the use of natural resources which in turn have positive impacts on the environment, the quality of children’s lives, and the broader society.  PMC works to promote this kind of healthy development by providing entertainment-education programming that reaches entire societies. PMC has worked in over 50 countries, mostly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and its broadcast programs have reached approximately 500 million people over 17 years and have measurably changed attitudes and behavior on an international scale. Among known behavior change communication methodologies, PMC delivers the lowest cost per family planning adopter and has enjoyed extensive praise and numerous awards for its success.
In pursuit of PMC’s vision, the new EVP will partner with President Bill Ryerson, an exceptional leadership team, and a highly talented staff to carry forward the organization’s strategic planning process, set metrics and goals for program expansion, and enhance and direct home base operations in the U.S. to strategically guide and support the global operation. S/he will work collaboratively with senior leadership to ensure policies, procedures, and practices are consistent with a strong organizational culture and will facilitate program alignment, collaboration, and learning across teams with a focus on outcomes and sharing of best practices. The EVP will work in conjunction with the program team to facilitate relationship- and capacity- building of in-country teams for the purpose of creating long-term sustainable programs that allow for continued impact and improved outcomes in focus countries. S/he will serve as a compelling storyteller of PMC’s work, elevating the profile of PMC domestically and in international development and funder communities.
The ideal candidate will be a seasoned manager and leader with deep experience in an international organization bringing programs to scale or marshaling significant change. S/he will have a proven ability to nurture and support a team of experts and to foster a culture of shared ownership and celebration of milestone achievements and successes while maintaining a learning posture.  S/he will have a track record of outstanding partnership-building and communication skills and will have the confidence to work in a creative, highly-matrixed environment with a tolerance for ambiguity and complex challenges. The ideal candidate will have experience working in developing countries, ideally in the field of reproductive health or human rights. Above all, the ideal candidate will have an appreciation of issues negatively affecting countries because of rapid population growth and how media can be a powerful tool for social change.

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