Long Ignored, Population is Taking a Firm Place in Climate Change Discussions

November 12, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Long in the Background, Population Becoming a Bigger Issue at Climate Change Discussions
As most of the world’s governments are puzzling out what they can offer to combat global climate change, a sensitive but critical aspect of the problem is coming into clearer focus: population. The word appears 20 times in a new 66-page synthesis of country pledges to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Secretariat. And those are the mentions of population in the context of size or growth, not the word’s more frequent use as a synonym for “people.”
This follows the strongest statement yet from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) one year ago on the contributions of population growth to rising greenhouse gas emissions. The IPCC for the first time also touted the benefits of wider access to voluntary family planning services.

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