Good, But Needs Improvement: “Family Planning 2020” Issues Report Card

November 16, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Unprecedented Number of Women, Girls Using Modern Contraceptives in World’s Poorest Countries
Washington, D.C., 12 November 2015: According to a new report released today by Family Planning 2020 (FP2020), more women and girls than ever who want to avoid or delay a pregnancy -290.6 million-are voluntarily using modern contraceptives in the world’s poorest countries, an increase of 24.4 million from 2012. While significant strides have been made to reach the ambitious goal of enabling 120 million additional women and girls to access rights-based family planning by 2020, the report shows that FP2020 and its partners must take immediate action to speed up progress.
The FP2020 progress report, Commitment to Action 2014-2015, details achievements since the landmark 2012 London Summit on Family Planning. The additional 24.4 million women using effective contraceptives, in the past year alone, have averted 80 million unintended pregnancies, 26.8 million unsafe abortions and 111,000 maternal deaths.

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