Mali: The Shape of Things to Come?

November 23, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Mali: The Shape of Things to Come?
Political extremism and terror do not arise in a vacuum. They feed on human suffering and stagnant hopes. Examine Mali closely, because the conditions which have given rise to conflict and terrorism there are prevalent throughout many parts of the developing world. Mali is a cautionary tale.
Four years ago, before it became engulfed in conflict, Mali was not a country that evoked a lot of international concern. It tied with Bosnia and Herzegovina for 79th on the 2012 Failed States Index, right behind India. Despite a very high rate of poverty, no one would have described Mali as a hotbed of political extremism or a candidate for civil war. Yet, Mali today finds itself on the front lines of the global fight against terror. And what happened this week in Mali is happening in other developing countries that are struggling against great odds to alleviate poverty and human suffering.

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