Premature Deindustrialization?

December 3, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Premature Deindustrialization
One of the biggest challenges facing the developed world is static population growth. Japan’s population is actually decreasing. China too, despite its 1.3 billion people, is bracing for a population crisis as it reaps the consequences of its notorious “one family one child” policy. In China, Japan, Europe and the U.S. dwindling populations of workers will be required to support mushrooming populations of retired elderly. Fewer people also means fewer households being formed. The developed world is struggling to grow amid declining consumer demand.
But the picture may be even worse where population growth is robust. India is expected to surpass China in population by 2022, and have 1.7 billion people by 2050. India adds a million working age people each month. Population growth is even more impressive in Africa where the population is expected to double by 2050 to 2.5 billion people. There will be almost 400 million Nigerians by then, making it more populous than the U.S.

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