India: Family Planning and the Population Dilemma

December 8, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

India: Family Planning and the Population Dilemma
Sonia Devi rested on a blanket on the packed dirt ground outside her thatched home in a village in the Begusarai district of Bihar. Her two-month-old daughter, Lovely, slept next to her, while her three other children played close by.
Sonia had been sterilized a few days earlier at the nearby government-run Primary Health Centre. That afternoon, as Sonia recuperated from her own operation, a few dozen other women were undergoing the same procedure.
Sterilization had been suggested to her by a local “asha,” one of the many public health counselors helping women, particularly those living in rural areas, navigate the system. The asha convinced Sonia that getting sterilized would allow her to better provide for the children she already had. Sonia said no other methods of birth control were offered to her, and she appeared unaware that other methods existed.

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