Letter From Africa: What Can Ghana Learn From Norway?

December 29, 2015 • Daily Email Recap

Letter from Africa: What can Ghana learn from Norway?
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My visit to the Norwegian city of Lillehammer a few weeks ago reaffirmed my conviction that the Scandinavians really are a class act.
Those who follow these things would remember that Lillehammer was the host city for the 1994 Winter Olympics.
I remember the images of a pretty town on television but then I know that the camera can portray my home city Accra as a pretty town when I know the reality to be somewhat different.
You can take it from me that Lillehammer is as picturesque and pretty as anything you have seen on television.
It is a small town of about 26,000 people and the first thing I wondered when I arrived at the train station was how they had managed to host the Winter Olympics.
But I was soon to discover that organising big numbers in small places comes to them easily.

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