Filipino Congress Completely Defunds Contraceptive Budget – $0.00, Nada, Nothing

January 7, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

EDITORIAL – 104 million and growing
The Supreme Court has given the go-signal for the implementation of Republic Act 10354, or the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012. It will take years, however, before the full impact of the RH law becomes evident.
Meanwhile, the nation must meet the demands of an ever-growing population. The past year ended with the Commission on Population reporting that the number of Filipinos would hit 104 million in 2016, up from the current 102.4 million. PopCom officials say the projection could be lower if the increasing trend in contraceptive use is sustained during the year.
The national fertility rate is slowing down, according to PopCom. Still, it is clear that the country cannot keep up with the demands of the booming population. Official statistics show that the poverty rate has changed little over the past six years. The classroom backlog is being addressed and the textbook shortage is over, according to education officials, but public education resources remain inadequate. Public health facilities are overwhelmed. At government hospitals, new mothers share not just rooms but also beds.

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