City Congestion Blues

March 21, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

City Congestion Blues

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Today [February 29, 2016] , Population Matters launches its latest short film, entitled “London Crawling – Talking About Population.”
Directed by Tom Martin of the Media Trust, who also directed our previous film, “Zombie Overpopulation,” the new film highlights the impact of London’s growing population size on the people who live there.
Using a combination of interviews with residents and powerful images, the film examines how their access to housing, transport and services are affected by London’s ever-growing numbers. The film notes that Britain’s population has grown by one third since 1950 and that London’s population is now approaching nine million, with an additional million inhabitants expected over the next ten years.
London’s experience is that of many cities worldwide, with global numbers increasing by 80 million – the size of Germany – every year. It raises questions about whether we are talking enough about the issue, and how population growth can be influenced.

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