The Enormous Fiscal Dividend to Family Planning

March 31, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

The Enormous Fiscal Dividend to Family Planning

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Can anything be done on a bipartisan basis these days? The answer is yes if we turn out the temperature and start listening to one another. In this regard, I want to tell you about a recent unpublished study by an independent, careful researcher and friend, Michael Gottlieb, on the fiscal dividend to family planning.
Here are Gottlieb’s findings.
The composition of families has changed radically over the years. In 1970 single women with children comprised 11% of the population. In 2010 they comprised 41% of the population. The majority of these single parent families are living in poverty. Worse still, 43% of the children in these families will remain impoverished into adulthood.
The societal costs are staggering. They include health care, welfare, food stamps, education and other subsidies, women not being able to enter the workplace, higher crime rates, and higher costs of incarceration.

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