Why I’m a man for choice

April 1, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

Why I’m a man for choice

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More than forty years ago, the writers and I on our TV show “Maude” did something which apparently no one had done before on television: We showed our main character making the decision to have an abortion.
This was 1972, the year before the Supreme Court affirmed the right for all women to make their own reproductive health-care decisions. Back then, abortion wasn’t something that was being discussed on television. But, of course, millions of women, and men, and families were discussing it in their own homes. So, we wrote some episodes that included Maude’s discovery that, at age 47, after her daughter was grown, she found herself pregnant. We explored her conversations with friends and family about that pregnancy, and her ultimate decision with her husband to end that pregnancy. To no one’s surprise, the world continued to turn on its axis.

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