1-800-FAM(ily)-PLAN(ning), INC.

May 4, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

1-800-FAM(ily)-PLAN(ning), INC.

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It is time to privatize family planning. There is no reason our government should be involved in family planning issues. Family planning is the right and decision of women, their partners, other family members, the family doctor and in some cases, clergy, if desired. As a for-profit business, the primary outcome would be providing underserved women with free family planning products and services. Additionally let’s all remember that the most controversial service, abortion, is legal. We have to stop fighting for it as though it is not legal, as this only serves to somehow diminish its validity. A for-profit company would only solidify the legitimacy of the current legal status of abortion.
A business model to emulate is that of Newman’s Own, which has run effectively and efficiently for years: a for-profit entity that funds its nonprofit entity with after-tax profits. Here’s how it would work. The for-profit side of the business would offer products through an 800 number, 1-800-FAM-PLAN (same as say, 1-800-CONTACTS), and a website. This Amazon.com-like warehouse would carry everything under the sun related to family planning (think birth control pills, condoms, pregnancy tests, Viagra, the morning after pill, etc.) – anything and everything you can get at your local drug store and pharmacy. But there’s more, this one-stop shop will also offer all types of hygiene products (from tampons to deodorants) and sexual well-being complements – lubricants, enhancers, vibrating or otherwise. Now we’re making money.

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