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Uganda Should Get Family Planning Messages Right

May 5, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

Uganda Should Get Family Planning Messages Right

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The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) released the findings of the census held in November 2014 after the last one in 2002. A 10.4 million increase in population was recorded between 2002 to 2014, most of whom (75 per cent) dwell in the rural areas of Uganda and predominantly practicing subsistence farming.


The significant rise in population is attributed to the increase in the life span of Ugandans from 50.4 years to 63.3 years within a period of 12 years. This, however, is disputed by some analysts who argue that far better economies in Africa have not achieved this feet.


The bigger economies of Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa, where social service delivery is better than that of Uganda, still have lower life-spans of 61.1 years, 60.8 years, 52.11 years and 56.1 years respectively. The most plausible reason for Ugandans population growth could be the high fertility rates in this country, previously at 7.1 in 1991 and currently standing at 5.8 as per the 2014 census report. This rate is way above the African average of 4.7 and dwarfs the global average of 2.5 children per woman.

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