Why Is 99% of Development Not Allocated to Family Planning?

August 3, 2016 • Daily Email Recap

Family planning is a key development goal that needs greater investment
Family planning is much more than a vital health and human rights intervention (Critical moment for family planning as funds come under pressure, 28 July). Investments in voluntary family planning are also investments in sustainable development, and therefore should be of as much of concern to ministers of finance as to ministers of health.
In the developing world, about 190 million pregnancies occur each year, of which 73 million (39%) are unintended. These unintended pregnancies often end in abortions (49% of the time, and many unsafe), unintended births (38%) or miscarriages (13%), with detrimental health and economic effects for many women and their families. Behind these statistics are untold stories of human suffering and lives taken off track, underscoring the urgent need for greater investments in family planning.

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